What is MACRAMÉ ?

A space for displaced peoples to come together and share their stories of tradgedy and triumph. Amongst eachother and for eachother.

Who are we ?

We hope very soon that MACRAMÉ will be completely run for and by displaced people's. However, for the time being it is being operated by the following.

Brandon Pampuch - Front End Dev

César Napoleon Mejia Leiva - Full Stack Dev

How did MACRAMÉ begin ?

As a student project at Lambda School. Students found a common passion for creating this space and have continued to spend their time crafting it outside of class.

How Can you support us ?

The link below will provide you with the opportunity to provide coding skills and computer resources to displaced people so that they can take over the operation of this project as well as begin their own.


    Echo 100 Plus

    An Austrian charity helping refugees


    A publication by and for refugees