Dear Hope

August 03, 2019

1 min read

Dear Hope,

I am sorry because I left you behind. You know how much I love you. But I wasn’t able to carry you.

We had some problems being in the same place. You were getting upset every time I told you, “I made you.” You are a little child, you are so small, but even you – so small – I could not carry you.

I had a dangerous road and was afraid to take you with me. I know you miss me like I miss you. I miss your colors and you, like how you told me you miss my hand. I know you are safe and I hope we meet again.

I will not sell you for all the money in the world. I had told you what happened that time, and my wife saw your color on my hand and she discovered our relationship and I had no answer.

She asked me if I love you more than her. What can I answer? Should I tell her I like your shine? Or your brightness? And your shape?

It is difficult.

And anyway, I write to you to tell you I can’t wait to meet you again. And I miss you, my baby.

Love, Basel Al Sheakh Ali